what no elf?

Only if it’s a Bosmer. I don’t think I’d fit into the skin of any other elf.

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Four Things I Would Rather Be

DnD Lich
Geralt of Rivia
WoD vampire


Moritz Nähr, Gustav Klimt in the garden in front of his studio at Josefstädter Straße, 1912

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Thirty years war armour, photo taken by me in the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Wien.

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“There is a kind of knowledge that strips whatever you do of weight and scope: for such knowledge, everything is without basis except itself. Pure to the point of abhorring even the notion of an object, it translates that extreme science according to which doing or not doing something comes down to the same thing and is accompanied by an equally extreme satisfaction: that of being able to rehearse, each time, the discovery that any gesture performed is not worth defending, that nothing is enhanced by the merest vestige of substance, that “reality” falls within the province of lunacy. Such knowledge deserves to be called posthumous: it functions as if the knower were alive and not alive, a being and the memory of a being. “It’s already in the past,” he says about all he achieves, even as he achieves it, thereby forever destitute of present.”
— E.M. Cioran, The Trouble with Being Born

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El Cristo Negro, 1991.
Arturo Rivera

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An unidentified battle scene by unknown artists of the Lombard School, c. 1600.

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